Falling Into Place

Everything has been falling into place over the last week.  In case you didn’t know, I am going to Europe tomorrow!  I am so excited.  My Padre, Barb and I are going to London, the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria for almost 2 weeks.  I can’t wait!  It should be amazing, but that’s a lot of travel less than a month before I leave for Cambodia.  I had been waiting for some paperwork from NAU to get my teaching license.  I was worried that it wouldn’t come before I left for Europe, and if I turned in the paperwork when I got home it might not get done before I left for Cambodia.  But it came on Saturday!  Hooray!  Although they said they couldn’t tell me if teaching in the Peace Corps would count for the 2 years full time teaching experience when it was time to renew my license, but I’ll deal with that when the time comes :).  One less thing I have to worry about!

Also, my flight info/staging information arrived!  Staging is the training that all of us heading to Cambodia will attend before we leave.  It will be in LA July 9th.  I’ll fly out in the morning, and we’ll have meetings all afternoon.  Then on July 10th, we will fly out of LAX and head to Cambodia!  Yikes!  We leave LA on Wednesday at 1:00 pm, fly over to Tokyo and refill, and then head over to Bangkok (20 hours!).  Then we have a 9 hour layover in Bangkok, and head over to Cambodia at 8:00 am.  We finally get to Cambodia at 9:00 am on Friday.  I can’t even begin to fathom being on a plane for that long.  The good news is, after my flight to Europe and my flight to Cambodia I’ll be so sick of flying even if I freak out once I get there and refuse to get off the plane, there’s no way I’m going to go on another 20 hour flight home, so I’ll just suck it up :).  Anyways, I can’t wait for Europe tomorrow!  Should be lots of fun :).


Apparently Emma is coming to Europe with us!



Getting Ready

Yikes!  I can’t believe I have just a little over a month until I leave for Cambodia.  I am starting to get really excited, and really nervous at the same time.  It has been crazy the last few months.  I’ve finished student teaching, graduated, finished all of my Peace Corps medical adventures and started trying to get everything ready for Cambodia.  Of course I still have a million more things to do before I leave, but it will all get done hopefully sometime soon.  I am really excited because I am going to Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic with my padre and his girlfriend for 2 weeks next Thursday.  I can’t wait!  So many adventures in the next few weeks!

Hopefully we should hear the official information about staging soon.  Staging is where all of the Cambodian Volunteers (K7) meet up in the US for a couple days before we leave for Cambodia.  We don’t know where it is yet, but it looks like it will probably be in San Francisco or Washington D.C.  My letter said that staging would begin on July 9th, but some other K7s were told it was July 10th, so hopefully we will hear something soon.  I’m crossing my fingers that I hear before I leave for Europe, because trying to get my flight to Cambodia all sorted out in Europe doesn’t sound that fun.  Well I’m sure that I will hear something soon.  Until then, I’ll be eating ridiculous amounts of Chipotle and ice cream :).