So I just wanted to write a quick update on staging.  I’m sitting in the LA airport getting ready to leave for Cambodia.  Yikes!  I can’t believe it is finally here.  It feels so surreal.  Yesterday was staging.  We were all supposed to meet up in LA at 2 and start training.  I got to the airport early and said my goodbyes.  The plane was supposed to leave at 10.  Its time to board and then they get on the intercom and say that there is a mechanical issue and it will take a few minutes.  Then they say it will take a half hour, oh just kidding another hour, and then finally ooops the flights cancelled.  When I first got to the airport I was a little nervous and anxious, but I was doing okay.  Well after all of that, I really started to panic and question whether or not it was a sign.  Luckily I was able to call the airline and they put me on a flight that left at 2 (though I was really lucky because other people on my flight were told that they had to wait until tomorrow).  Luckily I didn’t chicken out and made it to LA.

Staging was supposed to start at 2, but because of my flight I got there at 4:30 and missed the first session.  Luckily it didn’t seem like I missed too much.  We talked about the Peace Corps’ expectations and how we plan to meet those.  Our group seems really nice.  I believe that there are 49 of us.  Most have graduated within a few years, but there are a couple of older volunteers.  It seems like there are a few more education volunteers than health.  I’m feeling a lot better now.  I just panicked when my flight got all messed up, but it all worked out.  I’m actually calmer today than I was yesterday.  Hopefully I won’t start to worry too much when we get on the plane.  I’ll write more when we land!