A Tour! And the Last Couple Months

Sorry I haven’t written in so long.  Its been a busy last couple of months here.  School finally started!  After a few weeks of being told that school would be starting “soon”, it actually did start.  I’ve settled down into a routine, which was nice to finally have.  The Cambodian school culture is definitely different than the school culture in the US, and it has been a little hard to adjust to.  There are a ton of holidays in Cambodia.  I had my first full week of school only 3 weeks ago, despite the fact that school was supposed to start October 2nd.  It is also very common for the teachers or the students to not show up to school.  My students think its hilarious that at home students or their parents can get in legal trouble if the student is absent too many times.

Luckily, I have a lot of awesome students who are hard working and really want to learn English.  I started teaching a few after school English classes, and hope to start a girl’s basketball team soon.  We also made it past lock down (we had to stay in our provinces for the first two months), so I’ve been able to go to Phnom Pehn for the weekend a couple times and eat cheese and bask in the glory of air conditioning!  Its a really nice mini-vacation.

Well that’s all that is new.  I took a video of my village and school so you all can see.  Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!